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Legal IT Insider Covers Map Engine Launch

Legal tech product design and development agency Theory and Principle has collaborated with consultancy Sente Advisers to launch a tool that can easily turn a spreadsheet of jurisdictional data into an interactive map.

We’re told that Map Engine is the result of requests from law firms to find a simple and inexpensive way to leverage their state survey data.

The user is provided both a link to a unique URL to share the map and a code snippet to embed the map in their websites, blog posts, or client portals. Maps can be secured with a passcode or made available publicly.

Ryan McClead, the CEO of Sente Advisors, said: “A number of our law firm clients were looking for an easy way to generate maps from the voluminous state survey data they were collecting. The options on the market were either too expensive, unnecessarily complex, or ill-suited to their particular use cases. We saw an opportunity to fill a real market need, so we turned to Theory and Principle to help bring Map Engine to life.”

“When Sente Advisors came to us with their idea, we set to building the simplest, most attractive map visualization tool on the market,” said Nicole Bradick, CEO of Theory and Principle. “Working with Sente and several prominent law firms, we took care to fully understand the firms’ needs and use cases. Our first version of this application is designed and built to instantly provide value to firms delivering all kinds of 50 State Survey data.”

Map Engine is currently available to visualize data related to the United States and its Territories. The product will soon include maps for Canadian Provinces and Territories, European Countries, and US Federal District Courts. Additional map templates for State Counties, Greater Municipal Areas, and other regions will be added over time, and as requested.

The product is sold on an annual subscription basis, which includes an unlimited number of maps from a single template (i.e., U.S. States and Territories). Each additional template will be a subscription add-on.

A preview of the application as well as a demo video can be viewed at www.mapengine.io.

Or See How Map Engine Works HereDownload

Comment: We asked Ryan McClead what Map Engine offers over and above plain but reliable old Excel and he had this to say:

“This product started as a tech comparison project that Sente Advisors completed for two of our law firm clients.  They were both looking for a simple map making solution that would allow them to share jurisdictional data privately with their clients and publicly on their website. We reviewed and presented several mapping tool options and neither client moved forward with any of them.  All of the options were either too expensive, too difficult to use, or just not well suited for their use cases. One client ended up spending several thousand dollars to create a single interactive map for their website, even as they acknowledged that a second map would likely cost the same again. We figured there must be a better way, so we brought the problem to Theory and Principle.

We believe this tool is the easiest way for firms to visualize and share jurisdictional data.  It’s designed very specifically to meet the requirements of a law firm, but will likely be useful outside of legal as well.”

You can read the full article here.