• Quickly and easily turn multi-jurisdictional data into beautiful, shareable maps.
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Turn raw jurisdictional data into an interactive map with a few clicks.

Example Maps

Map Engine makes it extremely easy for Lawyers, Knowledge Management, or Innovation Professionals to represent data on clean and clear interactive maps with little training, no coding, and no waiting.                   

Share maps publicly, privately, or embedded into other content.

Map Engine maps can be shared via a standard URL, with or without password protection.  Or, they can be embedded into a website, blog post, or other iframe compatible application or client portal.

Available Maps

US States and Territories

The United States and Territories map template includes the 50 United States and 8 U.S. Territories, plus the District of Columbia and the  Federal jurisdiction.

European Countries

The European Countries map template includes the 27 countries of the European Union, 21 non-EU countries, 3 city-states, and the European Union jurisdiction.

And more coming soon...


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Case Study

Using a Wikipedia page as a stand-in for a typical multi-jurisdictional data page, we show how Map Engine can turn your static maps and voluminous data tables into dynamic, interactive maps that provide your clients with easy and direct access to exactly the data they need. 

A Typical Multi-Jurisdictional Data Page

Map Engine

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In The News

New Product Makes It Easy For Firms To Map Multijurisdictional Surveys

A common service that law firms perform is to compile multijurisdictional surveys of laws, regulations or other legal data. But an equally common problem is presenting that data in a way that is visually informative and compelling.  A new product called Map Engine aims to solve that problem by making it easy and economical for law firms to create attractive and interactive maps to visualize multijurisdictional data.

Map Engine Visually Charts the Legal World

It’s another example of the growing interest in using visualisation tools in the legal sector. Initially this is focused on using a map of the US, but other areas are planned, including: Canada and Europe, and also a map based around US Federal District courts.

Legal tech product design and development agency Theory and Principle has collaborated with consultancy Sente Advisers to launch a tool that can easily turn a spreadsheet of jurisdictional data into an interactive map.

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2 legal technology industry leaders -  
1 simple solution.

Map Engine is a collaboration between
Sente Advisors and Theory and Principle,
two leaders in Legal Technology working together to provide a simple solution to a common problem.  

Chambers ranked legal technology consultants providing "Innovation as a Service" to AMLaw 100 and
Global 100 Law Firms.

The most prolific design and software development firm working in the legal industry.